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Sagra della Ricotta e del Formaggio


  • NAME OF EVENT :Sagra della Ricotta e del Formaggio
  • DATE FROM :2014-04-24 00:00:00
  • DATE TO :2014-04-26 00:00:00
  • ADDRESS :Via Roma ,1,
  • ZIP CODE :95049
  • CITY :Vizzini
  • PHONE :
  • PRICE :€ 4,00
  • SOURCE :Comune Vizzini

Folklore, gastronomy and entertainment. Protagonists of the event will be, as always, and ricotta cheese. The extraordinary success of these products has provided the inspiration for the creation of a festival dedicated to them, which has become one of the oldest and most important gastronomic events in Sicily. Now in its thirty-eighth edition, the Festival attracts tens of thousands of visitors in the country of Verga, and its remarkable success has prompted the organizers to bring in three days dedicated to local products derived from milk. The festival is also offers appointment as folkloric, cultural and gastronomic broad, offering not only the tasting and sale of prepared ricotta cheese and place on short, medium and long aging, but also events able to discover the many faces of history and local culture vizzinese, together with its architectural treasures. In the morning the start pouring in Piazza Marconi and the opening of the stands dedicated to dairy products. Afterwards, throughout the day, parades through the city: Sicilian carts, musicians and flag bearers and folk groups. The theatrical events are dutifully bound to Giovanni Verga, with representations. Rich also the billboard of cultural events, churches and museums will be open to visitors, with a lunch break, all day. Path "Verghiano" based mainly on the places described in the stories of Verga, the Path "Verghiano" will enjoy the atmosphere of realism with a walk between churches and palaces became famous.