applicazione turistica sicilia

Trenino Turistico/Tourist Road Train


  • ESCUSIONI TYPE:Escursioni Cittadine
  • FROM PLACE:Catania
  • TO PLACE:Catania
  • AGENCY NAME:Tourist Service soc. coop. a r.l.
  • ADDRESS :Via Vittorio Emanuele, 29,
  • ZIP CODE :95100
  • CITY :Catania
  • PHONE :0958204281 ,3406090488
  • PRICE :

CITY CENTER TOUR Our tourist trains pass through the historic center of Catania and Palermo, showing you the most important buildings, churches, squares and historic and archaeological monuments .The TOUR can be well defined tourism and culture. A board of tourism half a hostess also illustrate and describe in Italian and foreign language all the monuments that are encountered along the way that will last 35 minutes. A good place for approximately 40 and 60 seats also allows organized groups to use the train.