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Consorzio Isole Dei Ciclopi



  • ADDRESS :Via Provinciale, 5,
  • ZIP CODE :95021
  • CITY :Acicastello
  • PHONE :0957117322,0957118358
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The Cyclops Islands Marine Protected Area (MPA simplified Islands Cyclops) is a protected area that extends in the stretch of sea in front of Aci Trezza and includes the small archipelago of the Cyclops and the stretch of sea between Cape Mills and Punta Hidden in common Aci Castello, established by Ministerial Establishing decree of 09.11.2004 [1] [2]. The stretch of coast in the reserve is part of the continental shelf of basalt originated from the lifting of the seabed and the ancient lava of Mount Etna. They are visible in the harbor of the village and features in the stacks of columnar basalt formations such as those present in the throats dell'Alcantara.Flora and fauna [edit | edit source] The reserve has a rich underwater flora with several hundred species of seaweed and large settlements of Posidonia. It also represents the main area of ??contact between the Tyrrhenian and the Ionian sea life and an important means of recruitment produced. Great is the variety of invertebrate fauna. The reserve can be visited by Acitrezza, with boats and ferries special glass bottom. Access [edit | edit source] The marine reserve Cyclops Island is accessible by car via the SS114 Messina-Catania. From Catania it can be reached by interurban Autolinea AST. The headquarters and visitor center are located in Acitrezza, Via Provinciale 226.