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Torre dei Faraglioni



  • ADDRESS :Via Bastionello,
  • ZIP CODE :95021
  • CITY :Acitrezza
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The sea in front of Acitrezza was once guarded by two bastions, one called "tower of trizza" and one called "tower of rocks." The "Tower of Trizza" was the most 'great and watched the open sea and towards the Cape Mills, was located north of the village on a hill. Its armament in May of 1798 was made up of five guns, 45 rolls of gunpowder, 60 iron balls, while in 1839 was five cannons, carriages and spoons. In 1893 it was used as a drinking water tank. Today this is no longer the bastion 'visible. The "Tower of Faraglioni" or "Bastioncello" is smaller. Guarding the stretch of water where there are the stacks. It consisted of two floors, it is now visible only the ground floor, which is accessed by a small opening. The armament was formed in May 1798 by two cannonotti, 25 rolls of gunpowder, 18 iron balls, 16 stone, while in 1839 was of a metal cannon and a cannon of iron. The two bastions along the "Fortress of touch", the "Castle of Aci" and other coastal towers were a bulwark against the incursions of the enemies of ancient Aci, especially against Arabs. In the early 1900s the area in front Bastioncello, doing excavations for the construction of the foundations of some houses, were discovered diamond-shaped marble tiles of probable Byzantine origin.