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Santuario SS. Maria della Catena


SUB CATEGORY :Sanctuary/Basilicas/Churches

  • ADDRESS :Via Matrice
  • ZIP CODE :95022
  • CITY :Aci Catena
  • PHONE :095801511
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"Madonna della Catena" is one of the names with which the Catholic Church venerates Mary according to the so-called cult of hyperdulia. The cult of the Madonna della Catena, adjusted for the miraculous elements, originates from the devotion to Our Lady as the protector of slaves and prisoners. It born after the first half of the sixteenth century, when the barbarian invasions enslaved many citizens in southern Italy, and the Congregation of the Fathers Mercedari worked to their redemption. The name of Madonna della Catena is therefore akin to that of Our Lady of Mercy, Madonna del Soccorso, or Schiavi.Origini cult in Sicily [edit | edit wikitext] The cult of the Madonna of the chain was born in 1392 in Palermo, Sicily reigned when Martin I. Three men were wrongly convicted and 18 August were taken to Piazza Marina, where they were to be hanged. Just as they were preparing the forks, he broke a big storm that forced the perpetrators to take refuge in the church of Our Lady of the Port and the people to flee. Waiting could resume running, the three condemned men were bound in chains double altar of the Madonna, but the storm continued for the whole day and the guards had to spend the night in the church to oversee them. The three led weeping at the foot of the Madonna and began to pray insistently and suddenly, as the soldiers fell into a deep sleep, the chains that held the three men broke and Our Lady's voice reassured them, "Go into the wild and well do not fear anything: the Divine Infant that I hold in my arms has already accepted your prayers and has granted you your life. " The chains fell noiselessly and the door swung open, the three innocent came out from the temple and the guards woke up at dawn. Immediately the soldiers were able to shoot the fugitives but were stopped by the people who resorted to the king. When they went into the church, with their own eyes the miracle cost: the chains were broken. Now the echo of the miracle spread everywhere and crowds of pilgrims came to the church that it was called "chain". Miracles multiplied and the Madonna della Catena became patron of many towns of the island, venerated in many others and his cult arrived in South Italy. Even today, the church is a pilgrimage site and preserves the statue of Our Lady of the Chain. In 1500 the church was attacked one of the chains that closed the port and officially took the name by which he had already baptized the people. The cult of Santa Maria della Catena Aci Catena was born in the fifteenth century. when in the district of "Scarpi" it was built shrine with the icon of the Madonna of the Chain. In 1576, this small altar was turned into a chapel and was entrusted to the care of a brotherhood that was dedicated to the cult of the Virgin Mary. The earthquake of 11 January 1693 caused death and destruction throughout the district, but sources tell us that in "Scarpi" (ancient name of Aci Catena), the victims were less than a hundred, then all the people gathered around the icon thanked the Mother of the Chain of saving them. The devotion grew enormously, so much so that the church was rebuilt even bigger and beautiful.